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This extra chance to let off steam has been found to improve their focus, while girls can concentrate without extra play.I never felt my boys were nurtured in primary school.It is a pattern repeated across the nation: just 15 per cent of primary school teachers are male. This is not helped by the over- feminised teaching ethos in our state primary schools, as I soon discovered.

Aged 11, Hayden was a likeable, happy-go-lucky boy, a deep thinker who always tried his best.

From teachers favouring girls when children raise their hands in class to suggesting that any boy who exhibits curiosity or sensitivity must have something wrong with him, boys are demeaned from the moment they put on their uniforms and enter the school gates.

Little wonder that the attainment gap between boys and girls has become a chasm. I have two sons — Hayden, now 15, who is set to do his GCSEs next year, and Daniel, who turns 17 this month and is studying creative media journalism at college and has eight GCSEs under his belt.

Five-year-old Hayden, she quickly determined, must be autistic.

She requested that he be ‘statemented’ by the local authorities, meaning he should be officially recognised as having special needs — which would allow her to access more funding for her school. But I knew deep down that my son was not autistic, and when officials came to examine Hayden they agreed with me emphatically: he was just inquisitive, not autistic in the slightest.

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Boys were just lumped together, whatever their quirks and talents, with predictably damaging consequences for their attainment and self-esteem.

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